Our Story

At PODiSTA, we believe if you can get the very same, rich, full-flavoured intensity – and that heady, dreamy aroma of a coffee from a capsule – why wouldn’t you?

And one other thing, we don’t like emptying our bank account every time we have a coffee, just so George Clooney can build another wing on his pad at Lake Como.

It’s not often you’ll hear this, but we offer the world’s first – one more time – world’s first, multi-beverage range of pods…4 varieties of coffees, 5 flavours of hot chocolate, and even a range of sugar-free Poddies for kids.

That’s why we're here. PODiSTA is a wholly Australian owned and operated company – with a vision to change the way the entire world uses Nespresso®* coffee machines.

The term ‘state-of-the-art’ is thrown around so glibly these days, so when it comes to our production line, let’s just say – if it was any more advanced and it would be scary.

We chose our name PODiSTA very carefully – you can probably see where we’re going with this. Using next generation pod technology – we give you nothing short of barista quality coffee – from a pod…get it?

And – we’ve only just begun…

We’ve developed these pods to suit your taste – literally. PODiSTA pods have been especially created to cater for however you like your coffee, with high intensity coffees and chocolates being specifically designed to cut through milk for the ultimate full flavour taste.

Meet the team

Toby Strong

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Co-Founder and entrepreneur, Toby was the first person in Australia to launch Nespresso compatible pods. Now known by many as the “Podfather”, Toby started in business at preschool selling origami to his family friends when they visited. Toby has always been an innovator, challenging tradition and questioning everything around him. Never content with what’s happening now, he’s always thinking way ahead in multiple directions, treating business like a game of chess. A self-confessed workaholic he’s got a brain that never slows down, with the help of his own pods of course.

David Keelan

Co-Founder and Operations Technical Manager

If Toby is Ying than David is Yang, often bringing Toby’s grand plans crashing down with a stern reality check. With 35 years of engineering experience, and the last 20 years involved in food manufacturing, if you catch him on a good day he’ll share his wealth of knowledge with you. Catch him on a bad day and you might see some sign language (you know what we mean!).

Sven Bengtsson

Contract Packing & Brand Coordinator

Sven is our resident coffee whiz which led to his ingenious nickname - “The Wizard of Pods”. His awesome wizardry comes from years of experience in the coffee industry including roasting, barista training, and machine servicing as his specialty spells. The Wizard also grew up on a coffee plantation in the Zimbabwean highlands so it’s safe to say that he has coffee in his blood.

Sue Middleton

Quality Assurance Manager

Sue is our Paper Nazi when it comes to food standards and production processing. She dots all the I’s, crosses all the T’s, believing in the transparent communication of food safety standards. Highly qualified with over 25 years experience in the food industry, no product moves forward without the expert scrutiny of Sue’s eagle eyes.

More importantly, we can’t forget, the great team of people who work side-by-side these four to ensure there is truly pleasure in every PODiSTA pod.

Jack Bramhall & Mike Parker

UK Distribution

Jack & Mike look after our PODiSTA UK online distribution, if they arent proccessing order's, keeping the website up to date, or answering customer queries they will probably be found at the nearest Nespresso®* machine with PODiSTA pods in hand. Lovers of coffee and passionate about everything they do - they are helping us bring our products to even more customers over 16,000km away from where they are made.

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